The following online resources provide information to support educators of students with significant disabilities:

121 Mobile Media Project*
This wiki supports a community of practice of four Alberta schools as they implement iPads as a one-to-one device in junior high school classrooms. The project explored how 1:1 devices in inclusive classrooms, that include students with low incidence disabiliites (e.g., students with vision or hearing loss) can increase learning outcomes for all students.

This site, created by Dr. Caroline Musselwhite, offers information on augmentative communication and literacy. Dr. Musselwhite is a co-creator of the Literacy Starter Series for MEville to WEville.

Activity Guide for Communicators*
Downloadable activity guides offering ideas for using single-switch devices, two-message devices, multiple-message devices and sequence devices.

Educational and technical products to support children and adults with disabilities.

All Children CAN read!*
Strategies, practical examples and resources related to literacy for children with combined vision and hearing loss.

Boardmaker Files, Baltimore City Schools*
Contains over 800 adapted books or topic boards using PCS or Boardmaker which correlate with books for elementary age children.

Centre for Literacy and Disability Studies*
Information on the literacy learning needs of children and adults with disabilities.

Highlights Kids
Stories, poetry, art, games are other literacy activities are included in this resource.

Louisiana Access Guide for Students with Significant Disabilities*
This site, developed by the State of Louisiana Department of Education, provides links and resources to support teachers of students with significant disabilities, particularly in the area of literacy.

Information, links, and teacher and classroom resources related to assistive technology. Designed for teachers in British Columbia, a number of resources are open for teachers outside the province.

Spec Apps
This wiki is a collection of apps ranging from language and communication to reading, writing, math and music. Various professionals offer suggestions on apps that they have used for students with disabilities. Refer to this link to access the wiki (

*These online resources have been identified by pilot participants and other educators. They are for information only. Users are responsible for evaluating the content and appropriate use of the information.

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