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Literacy for All:

A Community of Practice for Elementary Teachers of Students with Significant Disabilities

The content on this site was collected from two communities of practice (2011-2012 and 2012-2013) and has been archived for the use of teachers, learning coaches and others who want to learn more about working with and support literacy learning for students with significant disabilities. Membership to this wiki was limited to participating teachers from 2011 - 2013. The content on this wiki has been archived and made available to everyone without the need to join the wiki.

The purpose of this information is two-fold:
  • provide information and resources for teachers in Alberta who want to learn more about literacy instruction for students with significant disabilities.
  • to model what an online community of practice for teachers could look like.

Yoder, Erickson, and Koppenhaver (1997), found in David E. Yoder, “Having My Say”, AAC Augmentative and Alternative Communication 17, 0743-4618 (2001), p. 7. The Literacy Bill of Rights takes and broadens the classic definitions of literacy and looks at it with a new context. This work encourages us to see how students with significant disabilities and literacy go together. It clearly illustrates that all students have the right to literacy.

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